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FormattedTimeHelper can now be included in a controller, using the helper class method:. Finally, assuming we have two event instances, one which has a time and one which does not, the output might look like this:. Source: show on GitHub. Ruby on Rails 6. Only downside that it adds controller actions with the name of the helper functions.

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Rails Misapprehensions: Helpers are shit. – Nick Sutterer

Intentionally, I keep the cells discussion briefly as this would break the mold. View all posts by apotonick. I find the decorator pattern useful for more than this, but the draper gem seems overkill. Plain Ruby is just as simple and even less magic! Like Like.

More flexible

Draper and the idea of decorators is interesting, indeed. It means that in this request the article knows how to represent itself. It becomes just article. Andrzej Krzywda — I think inheritance is the better option here. Good insight, Nick. Chances of conflicts as the codebase evolves increases, specially for helpers.

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Nowadays, with lots of logic moving to the client-side, this is less of a problem with views being delegated to tools like Handlebars, Knockout, Batman, etc. By the way, using frameworks like Cell or Apotomo is the way to go for separating concerns the right way, in my opinion. Keep up with the good work! Justin: I try to reflect the user mental model in the object design. Rodrigo is right here — we move most of the logic to the client-side, especially the view stuff. If you end up needing logic in a view directly or via a helper, maybe have two versions of the view and render the appropriate one.

Loading Multiple Helpers

It was total pain in the ass for two reasons: a rails by default loads all helpers for every controller b the helper which is named after controller is included into view context firstly not lastly and trying to add it later has no effect because it is already included. I think that this point was not achieved when it comes to helpers. They are pretty much the same thing since Rails 1. I totally agree with you that there is a problem. However the second solution scares me a lot. This week episode on RailCasts.

Definitely, I love the idea of Andrzej, using a DCI approach to extend the model instance dynamically for the view. This could be a different approach for draper. Robert : Agreed.

one controller call another

Why do you hate the 2nd approach, using the controller instance as view context? As for instance variables being copied into view context.

Your Answer

We should explicitly expose data for views via methods not instance variables. I even use this approach with apotomo. So, with the composition approach, how would you extend a non-model? Might as well just use classes from the beginning. Include or define it in the superclass and be done with it. That could be modeled into a separate cell. You have to create a class or do Object. Most likely you would not use Object.

Therefore, you would use a class. So, you would have modules for your models, and classes for your non-models.

Rails 5 adds helpers method in controllers to ease usage of helper modules in controllers

Rails helpers move us away from OO design patterns whereas Cells and Draper move us obviously closer. Andrzej is right to point out that the mental model is important too. I wrote a bit about the DCI approach and why you would want to use it. Since Modules are a Class, and an Object you can mixin as many other modules as need.

Yes, modules are objects, even mee knows that. Why is the receiver magically the ActionView instance and not the controller when using helpers?