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The new Nokia Asha phones like Nokia Asha , , have Facebook integrated inside the phone while the Nokia Asha have a.

If there is a new version of the app, tap Update.

Instagram not working?

Go to Settings, tap Apps and choose Instagram. Tap Uninstall. Now restart your device. Once your phone is on again, go to Google Play, type Instagram in the search box and tap Install. I even tried just closing the app but still the same thing happening.

  • 1. Is Instagram down? Check Instagram outage status?
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Insta just stops or it wants me to restart the app just to see it close again. Really frustrating. Sometimes it just happens for no reason, and no matter what you do, it keeps doing the same.

2. Why is Instagram not working on my Android phone?

It just stops after a while, and start to work normally. Did you get your account back to normal again? I can barely use the instagram app at the moment. Incredibly unprofessional not to have some kind up tech support for a social media platform of this size. Good luck everyone who is also dealing with this issue and frustration, because IG could care less.

Instagram not working? Here's how to fix it! - Android Authority

I followed your prompts and it still says : Unfortunately instragram has stopped. What now?? I have done all off this and instagram is saying the same thing unfortunately instagram has stopped what do I do now.

Fix Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped on Android-4 Solutions

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Instagram butchzilla2 video I cannot load up the that one my other one loads up. Olami April 29, Tayton October 9, Bogdana October 9, Miz April 15, Shaheed May 8, Same here, did it work for you?

Yosha May 8, Elijah September 6, Roel Dervishi August 30, I tried all the ways that you recommand but still it says instagram has stopped working! Elijah August 18, Back in June, Instagram was forced to fix a separate bug for Android phones that caused the photo-sharing app to crash. Website outage tracker Down Detector has tracked hundreds of reports from users who can't get Instagram to work. Another said:"I have the same issue. Once I open my app it says Instagram has stopped. I am using Android. User Nataleah tweeted Instagram with the following message: "Hi my app keeps crashing on my Samsung [Galaxy] S9 and keeps popping up with a notification saying it's not working.

Twitter user lalalian said: "Is Instagram broken at the moment?

Instagram crashing on Android? Quick fix is now available

It's not working on my iPhone or iPad There's no mention of an outage on Instagram's official Twitter support account — the latest tweet was sent back in February. Instagram is one of the world's most popular social media apps, boasting 1billion monthly active users. It was founded back in as an iPhone exclusive, eventually making its way to Android in