Update: If you're on 3GS and having trouble with this method, reader Richard notes that for 3GS users: "Apple started signing their restore files requiring iTunes to "Phone home" and get permission to restore. Usually within 24 hours of a new firmware release, Apple stops signing the old versions preventing you from restoring back to an older version. The advice in your article about how to downgrade to 3. The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the iPhone OS 3.

There's a good chance you've already got a backed up copy of the 3.

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If you don't see anything that resembles the 3. Just find 3. Next, download RecBoot from here available for Windows and Mac. This handy little utility plays an important role in finishing off the downgrade. The video above demonstrates the process, but in case you prefer a little text:. Now that you've done all the legwork, it's downgrading time. You can either follow the video above or follow along with the instructions below.

You want to navigate to the 3. Select that file, and iTunes will start the OS restore process. Expect this to take around 10 minutes or so. When it's finished, you'll likely receive an error message like the one above error and your iPhone will boot up with a "Connect to iTunes" screen. This is where the utility you downloaded above, RecBoot , comes in handy. In a few seconds, RecBoot should kick you out of plug-me-into-iTunes recovery mode and you'll boot right into your freshly downgraded 3. First, you'll need. NET 4. I called t mobile and they said everything was fine on their side with my iphone and the speed should be higher.

I have IOS 4. The BB is 5. As the phone is already jailbroken, Now to unlock this BB, I have to install the cooked ipad firmware over this IOS and then run ultrasnow? I was on baseband Iphone 3g The phone was carrier locked to atandt, I live in the UK so I had no other option but to try.

I have Iphone 3GS with version 4. Sorry for my english and please help me… do you think if i re-made the process with redsnow would work?? Has anyone encountered this and if yes. Need help!!! My redsnow is stuck at waiting for reboot. Im having 3G with bb Hope it helps, works for most. Have a 3G running baseband Want it in 4. I was able to jailbreak sucessfully and then followed the instructions given here to unlock using ultrasn0w that is download the ultrasn0w 1. The article says once the ultrasn0w installation is complete, iPhone will be automatically unlocked. Some one please help….

Thanks much in advance. Your iPhone is unlocked. When I put prepaid Tmobile, it worked like a charm. The phone started working with my ATT pre-paid. However, when I rebooted it again did not work and I had to repeat the same procedure above to have it working…not sure this is how it is. Is there anything I can do or is my phone a dud now? Jailbreak with iPhone ipsw and redsn0w fetches iPad baseband for you nothing to do with your end.

I am using redsn0w. Can you help? No, you select your standard iOS device say, an iPhone and then the next step will ask if you want to use the iPad firmware. Remember, using iPad baseband on the iPhone is irreversible, so do so at your own risk. Am a little confused, my baseband is 5.

Can I use this method to unlock the phone by first doing the jailbreak over again? I tried installing the ultrasnow 1. Thanks alot.. What am I do wrong? If you dont have an unlock, just restore your iPhone from iTunes to undo the jailbreak, then proceed as usual with Pwnage redsn0w is easier IMO. Thanks for your help. Did a restore with Itunes and then the jailbreak all over again but this time flashed the baseband.

Much appreciated. What if I already jailbroken with limera and have cydia on my iphone? I have iphone 3gs BB If you just want to jailbreak your iPhone then you can upgrade to 4. Hi, yes all you need to do is go to cydia, go to manage, go to edit then add, then type this in : repo Hope this helps. I am so happy with my 3GS JB 4. I tried getting Into DFU mode before 3. I want to update But smell trouble. I have iphone 3gs firmware 3. This thing describes that it can unlock 3gs operating 4. If thats the case i understand the rest. But i do not want to update baseband.

How do i install 4. Then u can search for custom 4. You will also find guides to do that. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. How to unlock iOS 4. Before you get started with the unlock, you need to consider the following: Important notes about iOS 4.

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