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LogMeIn vs. GoToMyPC: Choosing Remote Desktop Software

I already installed LogMeIn. Why is my computer not listed on the website? How to resolve Error with manual install command line install. Contact Us. Submit a help ticket. Ask the community. Welcome to LogMeIn Support! Search the Knowledge Base Reset Search. Narrow Your Search. I am having trouble with installation. Is there another way to install LogMeIn? Printable View. Save the zip file to your desktop. Right-click the zip file once downloaded, and select Extract to I use Logmein sparingly because I only purchased one license.

For general day to day use, I use other less expensive products. Overall: Overall, I like the product and it gives me piece of mind when connecting to critical client machines, but the price is too high compared to other products to justify a large roll out. Pros: Logmein Rescue is an easy to use remote software with multiple platforms. I've had this software get me out of bind when my boss called for support and all I had was my Android Tablet.

I like that it is flexible enough to on multiple platforms and easy for the customer side to use. Cons: Its a great tool, but it does come with a hefty price tag, if your organization can afford it on their per technician basis. Overall: The ease of knowing that at a moments notice, I can jump onto my device of choice and provide full remote support to my users is a great benefit. The performance across the different platforms is pretty seamless and very responsive. Pros: I like that it's simple for a user to connect to us from an e-mailed link.

They open the page follow the directions and then we are connected. Cons: When the app doesn't connect, it doesn't connect. The support team is slow to respond to these types of requests, and the fix is usually something unrelated that doesn't help. Overall: We were able to create a custom domain that links to our clients and initiates a session.

The only issue that we run into is when the user does not accept the access prompts that appear. Outside of the connection issue at times this is a great product. They are regularly adding features that are needed and improving on the ones that are already there. We're using this software to remotely access our customers computer to troubleshoot their computer and do installations. These customers are miles away. I love the idea that it is easy to use. You can also communicate with them via chat. So whenever you need them to do something on their end, it is to relay the instruction. Not necessarily to always stay on the phone.

If there's one thing they can improve is that make it more user-friendly, though it is already easy to use, however whenever a non-computer savvy is using it, were having a hard time to let them allow the remote access. But this is something that is not a big deal since it is not LogMeIn's fault. However, if there's something they can do about this, that will be awesome. Pros: I love the ability to remotely connect to a users computer and be granted full admin access to make changes and repairs.

We are able to connect with people all over the world and resolve their computer issues. I've been able to hotspot off my phone and connect to users for long periods to resolve issues. Cons: I don't like that it takes the app a while to implement new features. When there is an issue with an update or new windows features it can take them some time to release an update. A work around is usually available but they become cumbersome.

Pros: One of the best remote tool for the IT world I used this software every day when clients not follow my direction on on email so i remote in to their computers to help them out and this is an easy way to do that cannot live without it. Cons: NO cons its simply enough that anyone can used no one can go wrong without it I think every company that does IT should do have this tool. Overall: easy way to fix clients computer issues with out dealing with email back and forward if you have clients out side of your building I support clients all over the globe and this tool is the best for me to assist them.

Pros: LogMeIn Rescue does what it is supposed to do. That's about the only positive thing I have to say about the software. Aside from that, cost and ease of use and functionality are major drawbacks. Cons: After using LogMeIn Rescue for nearly 9 months, we have reached a point where we have to decide if it will be a permanent system that we will utilize.

I have decided to pursue other options considering there are cheaper -- and even free -- alternatives that exist which provide equal or greater functionality at no cost or at a fraction of the cost of LogMeIn Rescue. LogMeIn Rescue is not as feature rich as many of the free and lower priced products that exist. So, in short, cost was the main issue for us deciding to pursue other options. Overall: Our experience with LogMeIn Rescue taught us that even software backed by a popular name may not be as good as software that is free or from a more uncommon developer.

Pros: Rescue is a fantastic piece of software that is used to diagnose computer problems remotely. Ranging from helping the elderly log into their email to severe computer issues, Rescue is acceptable for any problem. Rescue removes the diagnosing of remote desktop connection in windows and makes it easy.

5 alternatives to LogMeIn Free for remote PC access

All you have to do is install the program, input the credentials to the target computer and access is granted. Rescue allows you to view the target's screen and control their computer. You can transfer files and chat to the target computer through Rescue's chat dialogue box. When the target user download's the program, they have to be computer-illiterate to be able to install and access the application. Having a download that will automatically initiate a session would be awesome. Overall: LogMeIn Rescue has allowed me to connect to any computer that I want without having to diagnose window's native remote desktop application.

All of the heavy lifting is done by LogMeIn, which has allowed remote technicians to work faster and more efficiently. Pros: Never failed. Never dealt with any issues having users install the client and never had any issues connecting. I came from a open source VNC tool which had all sorts of difficulty and quirks. LogMeIn Rescue was a huge upgrade and made everyone's lives easier. It also had another feature called Rescue lens where a user could use their smartphone camera to show you what they are looking at.

I never used that feature, but other technicians I worked with had. Couldn't be more positive. I did not deal with the licensing so I can't speak to that. I used this as a support technician and it is a solid product. Pros: LogMeIn Rescue has been great for us to remotely serve our customers.

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We need multi-screen remote access, so being able to see all screens, share files, get information about users computer, and even setup unattended access is very helpful. Cons: It is very expensive compared to other programs. The security process to allow a rep to remote into a user's computer can take more steps than it should overly secure , which can be confusing for customers. Overall: It allows us to connect to our users and help them in a much better way than simply email or phone support can do.

Pros: The LogMeIn rescue is the best remote screen sharing software. I work in Digiteck we all use LogMeIn console for remote access. Good Speed. With lots of extra features. Calling Card, Session hold, etc. Cons: Nothing, I use this software for the last 3 years. I don't think so i have any problem in 3 years. It's easy to access.

Overall: If you are work in Big company and you have lots of customers then LogMeIn is the best software for the access your customer's computer screen. You can access 10 remotes at the same time on 1 console. I can handle all the customers at the same time. Pros: This software provides easy access to the end users device and makes remote support so much more convenient.

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Cons: If you have a user who is not computer savvy getting them to click the proper buttons to allow remote access can be a challenge you need to work through before you can address the issue that they called about. Overall: I've used this in a business setting when I worked technical support. It is an invaluable tool for accessing a users device and solving an issue in less time then a conversation can do alone. It increased the efficiency of the technical support desk. Pros: It allows me to quickly and easily access user's PCs to help troubleshoot issues, perform actions, transfer files, install updates, etc.

It is easy to use for the customer and is an invaluable tool in customer support. It makes what could be a 30 minute call take 5 minutes and helps to solve issues that would otherwise be impossible. Cons: Every once in a while we experience some unknown issues with running LogMeIn on a user's computer. We have had trouble getting to the bottom of these issues. However, these issues are pretty rare and may be due to issues on the customer's end.

Overall: It allows us to streamline support for certain issues and minimize the need for customers to follow detailed instructions over the phone. It also allows us to quickly transfer files without resorting to email, dropbox or some other method. Pros: Super easy to use! The program does all of the work for you! You couldn't ask for a smoother experience for your customers when it comes to trying to figure out their issues. Cons: There's really nothing I didn't like. It is all around a great program! Overall: I've seen some people complain that it's hard to explain to customers how to install.

I've experienced that some which was frustrating, but if you are able to explain things in layman's terms to the other end you will be fine. I used this program as a tech support agent and it made my life so much easier! I was able to take control of the customer's computer and get things done quickly and efficiently instead of directing the customer to do it, which can be so time-consuming.

Pros: I have been using this for past 6 years and though I have an option of using different screen sharing tool, but I always prefer to go with LogMeInRescue due to its world class features which no other tool provides. Even my client prefers using this tool as it is quite reputed and safe to use. It is a very reliable software. Pros: I like that it can connect to almost anything on demand. It's very easy to use and explain how to use remotely. It's features are nice - being able to see system information from one pane is great! The file transfer capability is also intuitive.

I rarely have any issues with the connections I make with it. Cons: The cost is pretty significant - there are much more cost effective solutions that are just as good if not better than this one. Pros: I loved how easy it was for our users to connect to our support staff. A lot of the users we support are not very tech savvy and can get frustrated really easily if they cant figure out what is needed from them. We very rarely had that problem with LogMeIn.

It is really easy to get users to download and run this tool to get connected. I also liked how many options it has once you are connected. It can auto connect after a reboot. You can even use it if you need to push a computer into safe mode. File transfer is easy and works great. And it can even pull a lot of information about the end user's PC with a single click.

It is definitely a tool built with support specifically in mind and it shows. My team counts on it on almost a daily basis and it has very rarely let us down. Cons: It is expensive. No getting around it. But you are paying for exceptionally good quality. Overall: It was really easy to deploy it and have my team start using it. There are very little internal training required. We have also had pretty decent experience in the few occasions we have had to contact their support staff.

Overall: We use Logmein rescue every day to support our remote users.

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It is an essential tool for our departments! I dont know what we would do without it. We have tried others but no one comes close to the simple and vast features that Logmein rescue offers. We have used it to copy files, rebuild machines, clean viruses and malware and even switch computers from one domain to the next. Pros: It s easy to use, agent installed locally on each laptop.

The solution is sold with a lot of secured futures and audit functions, records It is pretty responsive and have good performance. Secure chat is here and you can have multiple session at the same time and use integrated secure file transfert when needed. There are many connectors available servicenow. Great tool for remote support. Cons: Price may be a little bit high but when you need security and quality there is no compromises. I don't know other solutions with so much integration. Pros: Love that I can set up unattended Acces for computers!!

Overall: love the reliability, dependability and features of Log Me In Rescue. I use this everyday and would never be able to get Anything Done without it. Pricing could be better as I understand there are some newer cheaper options. Recommendations to other buyers: I would highly recommend this for any IT Support professional. Pros: We've tried other screenshare tools on the market but LogMeIn Rescue was the best product that offered fast and easy-to-use screenshares. Many of the customers our Support Team works with are technically challenged.

LogMeIn Rescue has helped provide a solution to a major issue we had regarding setting up screenshares with users who don't even know how to turn on the computer sometimes. Cons: Pricing is a little steep, but you get what you pay for. It's a good product and you will pay more for it.

Pros: There are too many features to name, but to pick one would be the mobile device support. I have got several pats on the back for remotely resolving issues on Director's iPhone and iPad. Overall: I am able to support my remote users that are off domain quickly and efficiently because of LogMeIn, and I can support executives mobile devices with this without having to put my hands on them. Pros: This product has helped us assist customers through remote sessions and by being able to remote in to their machines in order to solve issues they couldn't on their own.

The interface is simple enough but could maybe get an image upgrade as it seems a little stuck in the past. Cons: The interface is simple enough but could maybe get an image upgrade as it seems a little stuck in the past. I haven't run into any major issues, but when I do need to contact customer support it is a constant struggle of getting or being escalated up the ladder until you get to someone who can help you.

Overall: Assists us by letting us into the life of the user and being able to remote in to their system to solve issues they couldn't on their own. Pros: LMI simple and easy to use for technicians. I have used this software for over 5 years and I dont know what I did with my life before that. Walking a customer through the initial connection - even the not so savvy customer - is smooth and simple. My dad is a network administrator, and he showed me how to use this when I was 10 years old. Any software that is easy enough for a 10 year old to use and understand yet powerful enough for use in a company requiring remote support for 60, people is a very well built and excellent tool for remote computer support.

Cons: The cost. Without any student discounts this software is over the price a year which is simply out of the "shadetree" Computer Tech's price range.

Overall: I am able to quickly reach out and assist my friends and family with video editing, computer issues, or every day issues related to PC usage. Pros: Able to connect to troubleshoot any pc within our organization also help to provide support to many people outside our organization with ease. Cons: The one major downside to this product is the cost. Licencing cost for the application can be very costly when adding many users.

Overall: Increased productivity within my dept. Saving time and therefore saving money. You can request control of the computer and the customer authorises this action. Cons: The recordings have at times been unreliable at times, which has meant we have lost data necessary to review cases. The support team are actively assisting with this. Simple key code creation on one end, then key code insertion on the other end, allows connection of IT to control computer. From coding to fix internal issues, to printer connections. Very easy to use and allows company computer systems to stay up to date.

Overall: LogMeIn Rescue helps keep our nationwide network up to date and on the same page. Our IT department is located out of state, so this program allows them to connect to our local computers and fix issues. New computer setup, printer connections, network connections, software updates; this program helps our company thrive. Pros: Great for helping our end users that are out in the field and have computer issues.

Overall: We are a large construction company and have jobsites all over the U. When one of our end users has a problem with their PC or software they are trying to use they just jump on LogMeIn and we fix them right up. Cons: Pricing is a little steep, and I wish more active sessions could be held per technician at a time. We reach the limit often. Overall: LMI Rescue has been the backbone of our remote software support tools for years.

We couldn't do our job without it.

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  • Pros: The ability to handle multiple sessions at once. Overall: Very good application, has everything I need to be able to help users remotely. Pros: I liked the ease of use. It was easy to connect to remote machines, and was very easy to navigate the interface. I was able to solve many support tickets with this software, quickly and easily!

    It was easy to use, and I was able to get things done using it. Overall: I was able to use LogMeIn Rescue to quickly and easily perform remote support and get trouble tickets closed for our customers. Awesome product! Easy to install. Marker is available. Eraser is there to remove marked content on the screen. We haven't found anything that they cannot do. They even have the ability to support mobile devices. Pros: We can jump on computers and fix problems without having too much down time for end users.

    Pros: Full featured in its class. It does everything in every way possible.

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    The connections always work and the reboot and re-connect always works. Cons: The pricing is very high. There could be tiered pricing for those who don't need all the functioanlity. Pros: It was an extremely reliable software and that was very easy to use and was exactly what we needed for our business. Cons: Not being able to customize the interface like other softwares could be helpful and the pricing is a little high. Pros: I use it daily in troubleshooting PC related issues remotely, it has alot of good features which make remote troubleshooting smooth.

    Cons: Sometimes it gets blocked by PC firewalls and this requires making some changes to the PC settings, which can be difficult if the company does not give its employees admin access over their PCs. It's made it incredibly easy to provide technical support to our employees and customers, unlike anything we've used before.

    Cons: My least favorite thing is that support can sometimes take some time. Everything else is fast, reliable, and flexible. Pros: I liked that you could use it with out downloading any addition sever software. Cons: that when it required administrative permission the client had to be there cause it would freeze up on my end, usually we tell the client they didn't need to stay why we worked on there PC remotely, this would hinder us a problem.

    Overall: overall we were able to get things don with ease so its a good program. Pros: it's ease of use. Remote users are able to follow the instructions easily and allow the technicians to connect remotely to their machines for troubleshooting. The connection is very quick. Lots of options but I only use the file transfer feature to transfer files I need to install on the remote machine.

    Cons: Not much I don't like about this software. It is very easy to use, as long as the user has internet connection you're good to go. Overall: It's been a blessing to our desktop support dept since we have to troubleshoot about of our sales employees all over the U. Pros: We could use one feature of this software to view the desktop of the user in question. Pros: The best is that I can add my home's PC and any number of my work's PCs online under my account, so I can access my work's PC from home and vise verse, also I can add client's PCs to my account so I can easily connect to help them for any technical problems, the great also is that I can do that even from my cell phone, so even while transportation time, I can help my colleagues and my clients.

    Cons: Sometimes I find the destination PC is turned off, so I suggest to add a cell phone with each added PC, so if it is Off and if I'm trying to connect to it, LogMeIn should send a message or a notification to the cell phone number's owner that "My Name" is trying to access your PC and it is Off, please turn it on. Pros: Remotely viewing and controlling computers and devices is easy.