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The new Nokia Asha phones like Nokia Asha , , have Facebook integrated inside the phone while the Nokia Asha have a.

There is also an app called vault. It was recommended to me by a friend but i didnt like it because it was eating too much battery. Oct 19, 1, militar El Paso. Vaulty is what I use. BigCiX Android Expert.

1.) Turn on Private mode

Jul 30, 3, California. I have 50 gigs of free storage from box. That's where I keep all my goodies at. Commodent Lurker.

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Jul 9, 5 0 5. Why use Dropbox when I have a 64 gig SDcard?

What is Private Mode and how do I use it? | Samsung Support UK

Metfanant Android Expert. Sep 23, 2, Aug 8, 27 0 I only want to stop the folders from appearing in the photo gallery. I don't want the files to be hid from the video player, only in the photo gallery. Tap that action overflow button the vertical line of 3 squares located right next to the camera icon, then hit Settings. Next, go into Privacy Settings and uncheck the box next to " Show app icon. If the icon is still present after unchecking the " Show app icon " box, you may need to restart the device in order for the changes you made to appear.

Once restarted, you'll notice that the app icon is no longer visible. Check the before and after. Now that the app cannot be accessed from the launcher or home screen, you will need to remember the call number in order to open the app from now on. Shouldn't be too hard. Now that the app is hidden and passcode-protected, you can now begin using it to hide your photos and videos, and there are a few ways to do that.

How to hide files and photos from gallery on Android

If you already have photos or videos on your Galaxy S3 that you want to hide, just go into your Gallery and select all the items you wish to hide. Once selected, click on the Share icon looks like a less-than sign and select Hide Photo.

If it doesn't first appear in the list, tap " See All " and you should find it. Once you select Hide Photo, all the photos will disappear from your Gallery and go to Sectos.

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  • How To Hide Photos On Galaxy S9.

You can also hide photos from within the Sectos app. Sectos automatically uploads and separates your public photos from your hidden photos. If you wish to hide the public photos in your Gallery, you can select those images by clicking on the " Add new photos " icon.

From there, you can select from you different sections—screenshots, camera, and temporary images. After choosing a section, you can than select one or more photos by tapping and holding an image. A blue box and check mark should appear. Once you have chosen all the photos you wish to hide in Sectos, click on the exed-eyeball icon , which should be located right next to the double check marks.

Hide Folders in Samsung Tablets and Phones

Now those once public photos are locked away and protected from unwanted eyeballs. You should see a small pop up on the bottom of the screen informing you of how many items were hidden. Lastly, you can simply take photos or video directly from the Sectos app. You can chose to have a Sectos camera icon on the homescreen, but that defeats the purpose. Instead, open the hidden app using the number given to you on the initial setup and click on the camera icon.

Now any picture of video you take will automatically saved to Sectos and can only be accessed via Sectos. If you want to keep a backup of your photos, Sectos can be linked to your Dropbox account Google Drive is in the works.

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Obviously, you'll need to have a Dropbox account, so make sure to set that up beforehand. The options to backup, restore, and auto backup cannot be accessed until you authenticate your Dropbox account. After you input your account information, Sectos will ask for access to your Dropbox, so hit Allow.

You will then be redirected back to Sectos and should notice that the options are no longer gray and can now be accessed.