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Of particular importance are the settings beneath the How Often header. Here you can set the program to run at startup and synchronize every specific second, minute, or hour. Obviously, if your system clock is constantly wrong then you can set this to sync more often. The battery failure means that your system clock will reset back to the BIOS default every time you boot. For more information on this, see our guide on why your motherboard has a battery Why Does My Motherboard Have a Battery?

Quite the opposite, Read More.

How to sync your Windows Mobile device to a Windows Vista PC

Alternatively, use a method outlined above as a workaround. One final check is to see if Daylight Saving Time changes are being accounted for. Do a system search for date and time and select the relevant result. Click Change time zone… and then ensure that Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time is ticked.

Click OK when done. Now you understand how important it is to keep an accurate system clock and how to keep it in sync! With this new grasp on what the actual time is, now you can look to improving time in another way. We've compiled the most common solutions to help you fix slow startup on Windows Try This! Shutting down is a complex process and much can go wrong.

If your Windows 7, 8.

How to Make All Your PC Times Match With an Atomic Clock Sync

Explore more about: Computer Maintenance , Windows Tricks. Your email address will not be published. How do I find something that can receive time over the air -- like something that synchronizes with the broadcasted time, or a GPS clock that I can attach to my computer to give it a non-networked time source? Joe Keeley! I'll admit it. Interesting idea. I can pair with with a cellular jetpack to test the connectivity issue. The firewall doesn't block any outbound traffic. All of the windows servers and network equipment use external NTP to get time successfully.

I can't imagine that I'm the only one with this issue.

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These guns are used by Walmart and Home Depot by the thousands. I hate to think I have to write an app to do it. I see lots of references on how to code an app to do it but it should do it natively I would think. Hmmm - besides of the question "Do the Walmart devices really need correct time? The DHCP information the devices pick up do contain records that point to the DC time servers, while that works for other devices it doesn't appear to work for these. Do you know of any logging that may exist on the guns that may help?

Sorry - no.

I've had some experience with air guns years ago, but not with guns driven by Windows Mobile I guess I'll close this. I can't seem to find an answer from anyone, you've been a great help for ideas but nothing seems to work properly. Thanks for your time!! You're welcome Just curious: Have you tried to contact suppliers support for that issue? I did. They don't know either. It's not worth all that and my guess is they don't know either.

I don't know what else to do. Additionally the Microsoft and Motoroloa registry settings should work but don't. Thanks for your help.

Set up Google Sync

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Windows OS. By: Ken Mayer. Members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. By: Sandra Batakis. Applies To. How to enable the TimeSync Client to run automatically By default, TimeSync does not automatically run on these devices. Go to the tab 'Communications'. Tick the 'Autolaunch TimeSync' checkbox.

Click 'OK' to save the settings. After the next reboot, the client 'grabtime. How to synchronize with a Local Time Server instead of a public timeserver. By default, GrabTime synchronizes the time with a public timeserver, available on the internet. To synchronize with a local time server:.