Realm Defense is the impressive 3D real-time castle defense game. You will fight and conquer with a single defense option. You must fight the Death Knight, and fight alongside other dragons, wizards, ice queens, knights and other ancient gods in the field of magical fantasy adventure. You can use gems, potions, elixir, and amazing spells.

You use a lot of power and huge abilities to overcome obstacles in more than levels. You will cross the border hurriedly, passing through lush forests, snow-capped mountains and majestic deserts. You will deploy fast shot archers, magic beams, roaring artillery and many great allies. Bloons TD Battles is a fiery monkey battle.

The game is specially designed to fight in 18 customizable live tracks. You will use many types of towers, and incredible upgrades in attack, or defense. You can confront your friends in 27 customized Battle tracks. The game has 22 amazing monkey towers, and each tower has 8 powerful upgrades. You will create and participate in private matches to challenge 16 great achievements. You can also customize your bloons with decals to win with a signature seal.

Evil Defender is a hilarious, crazy 3D defense game with a little humor. The game has beautiful graphics and challenging, fierce gameplay. You will build and upgrade powerful defense towers, and use magic to repel enemy forces. Your mission is to protect Lands of Evil from invaders.

The game has a huge number of maps and offers creative playability through unique tower upgrades, deep skill trees and great achievements in the game. You will have to overcome challenges with six difficulty modes, and 90 levels on 15 separate mission maps. In addition, the game has six difficulty modes, including Challenge mode.

Iron Marines is an amazing 2D tower defense game. The game is set in a mysterious Western world in the distant future. The task of the player is to build, and maneuver the skillful army to fight against alien enemies.

The best overall tower defense game: Plants vs. Zombies 2

The game has a familiar design style of the previous traditional RTS series, but the image is extremely eye-catching with colorful graphics, funny characters. The game puts a heavy emphasis on tactical elements, which requires players to familiarize themselves with the terrain and map. You need to be proficient in using items, understanding the function of each cylinder.

Recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy, and explore military roles like rangers, snipers, flamethrowers and missiles. Myth Defense LF owns the best elements of the game room tower. The game also includes original features like alchemy, random maps, campaigns and much more. The game possesses superior HD graphics compared to many games of the same genre. Players will experience many features like alchemy, random maps, rescue campaigns, etc. The game has 4 basic maps, 3 special maps and many random maps.

You experience campaign mode with 18 maps, 2 independent profiles Advanced and Casual , various improved skills, 22 tower types, 3 special traps, and share achievements with friends.

8 Best Tower Defense Games For Android In 12222

The game is varied in terrain with swamp, puddles, etc. Besides, the game has 33 levels of rigidity, multilingual interface, and panoramic sound on the battlefield. Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower will provide a great Defense experience like previous versions. The game still inherits the most refined features of the line of tactics.

How to play is influenced by the principles of their muscles, and the graphics are excellent and the effects of vivid explosions. The game consists of 96 levels, the system of generals, army, and enemies is extremely diverse with a weekly tournament system. Your mission is to protect the castle from dragons and giant demons with a powerful army. You will protect your medieval fantasy kingdom, and conflict with the enemy. You will be immersed in the battle against waves of orcs and goblins. Defense Zone 2 HD is a kind of modern tower defense war.

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The game possesses new, stunning and impressive levels than its predecessors. The game has a lot of new weapons, new opponents, and even more amazing substances. The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German. You will customize many different weapons and landscapes in battle.

So you have great freedom in choosing combat tactics. You will choose the right weapon and location to ensure effective defense. You will create many great air strikes, and use the ability to increase the power of temporary weapons to take advantage. The game has many great elements so make sure you never feel bored during the battle.

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How many waves can you defeat in these mobile tower defense games?

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Do you have what it takes to build an empire?

The Best Tower Defense Games for Android FREE

Gather your resources, strategically build your city and conquer your enemies! Want to take over the world, one battle at a time? Check out these empire building games, and become the emperor you were meant to be! Find the best empire games with collectable heroes right here. Each game offers new worlds and endless adventure. Have you dreamt of ruling the seven kingdoms?

15 best Android tower defense games! (Updated ) - Android Authority

Test your skills as the ultimate lord and defend your towers against incoming attacks with some great game choices. Bored and wondering what to do? Kill some aliens of course! For hours of fun, check out these two alien inspired defense games. Ready to build your empire and defend it against armies near and far? Sit back, relax and test your skill with these great strategy games. Are you itching to find intense battles with massive armies you can play on a mobile device?

Here are the best real-time strategy RTS games on the the market! Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Forgot password? Sign Up Now. Already have an account? Log in. Sign Out. Popular Bundles in Fun. See All. Best 10 Defense Games. Published: Aug 25, Strategy Games. Install Google Play App Store. Enjoy campaigns based on famous World War II Battles like Operation Overlord for a fun, historical approach to kingdom defense gameplay Prove your intelligence to the world! Participate in tournaments with stunning graphics and a variety of armies to defend your towers against Ground versus air - you decide!

How you win the battle is completely up to you with levels that get progressively harder for increased challenge Reviewed by Laura S on January 22, Very good graphics and sounds. Positive Reviews. Negative Reviews. Challenge your Tower Defense game with top action and strategy now! With tons of missions, difficulty modes and enemies to defeat, you'll stay entertained for hours Upgrade your skills and weaponry after successfully completing assignments so you can kill zombies even faster Take to the skies to defeat your enemies!

Complete high-power air strikes and blow those zombies to smithereens Reviewed by Katelyn on June 20, Tactical War - challenging tower defense strategy game in military style. How good are your strategy skills? Find out now in this WWII-themed Tower Defense and strategy game Fight your way through 15 intense levels of gripping war-time strategy and defense-based battles against dangerous foes Who will attack next?

You have eight different types of enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses Reviewed by Kaylin on April 24, Defend your kingdom! Less is more! Provides the classic tower defense experience without useless additions that only ruin the gameplay Well-designed UI with intuitive controls allows you to focus on the fun instead of trying to make sense of countless buttons on the screen A great time killer!

Good time killer and ita adicttive Select your warrior - wizard, paladin, or barbarian - for a wholly unique approach to the battlefield every time Mission Mode lets you play through 15 levels of varying difficulty, gathering weapons and protecting your towers against blood-thirsty enemies Do you have what it takes to protect your towers? Play more than levels to challenge your survival instincts and gameplay strategies Reviewed by Laura S on February 13, The perfect setting for fantasy lovers!

Immerse yourself in kingdoms, castles, and epic wars that need you to be the hero Fight trolls, dragons, goblins and more! Destroy the vile creatures plaguing your kingdom and work your way up to the ultimate Boss Battles Compete against friends and strangers in Weekly Tournaments!

10 Best Base Building Games That Let You Build The Ultimate Fortress

Win wars and unlock achievements to prove your skills Reviewed by Laura S on January 22, Upgrades, wave strengths, and variety! Alter the enemy's path with wisely-placed modules to gain the higher ground Be the best! Defend your kingdom against the hordes of evil in this epic action defense game! An addictive, well-polished gameplay! Progressive difficulty mixed with an engaging story makes sure the game never feels repetitive Reviewed by Antonio on March 13, Best Apps by LifeGoals. Ask App Recommendations.