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The new Nokia Asha phones like Nokia Asha , , have Facebook integrated inside the phone while the Nokia Asha have a.

Wait while your data is restored to your device. Method 2.

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Open the Settings menu on your device. You can back up your Galaxy's settings and data to your Google account. This will allow you to restore your apps and settings if you need to reset the device. Tap Personal. Tap Backup account. Tap Add account if you aren't signed in to Google. Sign in with your Google account.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tutorials, How Tos and Tips [backup, restore, safe mode, recovery]

If you don't have one, you can create one for free. Slide the Back up my data button on. This will enable data backup to your Google account. Your data will be backed up automatically when you're connected to the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tutorials, How Tos and Tips [backup, restore, safe mode, recovery]

Method 3. Open the Play Store app. You can use Google Photos to backup all of your photos for free. Photos backed up for free will have a slightly reduced quality than the original images. If you choose to upload the original sizes, photos will count against your Google Drive storage. Tap the Google Play search bar. Type Google Photos. Tap Google Photos in the results. Tap Install if the app isn't installed already. Tap Open after the app is installed. Tap Sign In if you aren't already signed into Google.

Tap Settings. Tap Upload Size to change the upload quality. You can choose between High Quality, which allows you to upload unlimited pictures for free, or you can choose Original Quality, which will use your Google Drive storage. Wait while your images back up. This can take a long time if you're uploading a lot of images. When you return to the Google Photos main screen, you'll see circular arrows on all of the photos that are waiting to upload. Access your backed up photos. You can find your photos in the Photos app, at the Google Photos website , and in your Google Drive storage. Method 4.

Install Android File Transfer Mac only. You'll need this program to connect your Android to your Mac: Visit android. Click the Download button. Double-click the DMG file after downloading. Drag Android File Transfer into the Applications folder. Tap the USB option in the Notification panel. Click the Start menu and click the Computer or File Folder button. Double-click your Galaxy device.

Also can I reset it without losing data on it? It can also be used for any other Samsung devices. This post will cover different safe ways of carrying out soft and hard resets on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Especially when you forgot your passcode and you need to reset your Samsung galaxy S3 without losing data. A soft reset is easy; you do not need professional help to carry it out.

This is usually done to resolve minor issues experienced on the phone.

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For example, if your device gets buggy, a soft reset will free up RAM space and get the device running more smoothly. Step 1: To perform a soft reset, simple press and hold the power button on your S3 for 2 to 3 seconds, and the phone to shut down. Step 2: Wait for around 10 seconds, and press the Power button to boot the phone. If this process fails to resolve the issue, what you should do is to remove the battery, wait for around 30 seconds, and then insert the battery back in.

Next, you boot the device by pressing the power button. If the soft reset does not resolve the issues you experience on your phone, you should perform a factory reset. You can perform this reset from the Settings app, if you have access to the device.

Samsung S4 Backup & Restore: How to Backup/Restore Samsung Galaxy S4 to Computer

However this will erase all the data, so you can make a backup first. Step 1: On your Samsung, open the Settings app and tap the Backup and reset option located below the personal tab. Step 2: Next, tap Factory data reset. If you wish to back up your data, check Back up my data. This article will not do a complete job in showing you how to reset Samsung Glazy S3 without losing data, if it does not mention carrying out this task using this cool software called iMyFone LockWiper Android.

LockWiper is a must-have tool for everyone who wishes to reset mobile phones and tablets, especially when you forgot your passcode and you could not access to your device. It can help you remove the passcode only without losing any data on your device. Download Now. Click Start to begin.